1. I forgot to post this here >_<. Something I painted a while ago for fun :D


  2. My version of Pele, the Volcano Goddess, for Sketch_Dailies.

    The tears of Pele T_T.


  3. This is the second painting I’ve done with these two characters. You can see the first one here

    This was way too much fun ^_^


  4. This one got away from me….

    I’m sorry.


  5. I did a recolor on my Billy the Kid image from some weeks ago. I also put some of the costume thumbnails I did for him :D.


  6. Painting I did for the SVS class I’m taking, Painting Color and Light! 

    You can still buy the video version of the class here 


  7. Rosie Cotton for the Middle Earth High Collab on twitter :D


  8. Forgot to post my finished Yubaba for the Hayao Miyazaki Collab over on Twitter! 

    I love this movie so much <3

    You can see my sketches here :D


  9. My drawing for last weeks theme, the roaring 20s, for Girls Drawin’ Girls.

    I had so much fun with this one, because in real life, I can’t dance :P.


  10. My Sherlock for Sketch_dailies!

    It isn’t Benedict, but he’s still quite a fox…. >___>


  11. Maybe Ursula was teased, by the mermaids, for being different. She shut out the world and grew bitter. 

    I want to believe she wasn’t always evil.

    PS. The painting part of this was done with a mouse, please excuse the extreme sloppiness >_<


  12. Anonymous asked: hi! if you don't mind my asking, how do you get that grainy look on your brushes like in your new profile picture?

    No problem! The grainy texture was from a brush I downloaded. It was part of a tool preset package posted by an awesome artist, Cale Atkinson. Here’s the link if you wanna download them! Remember to load them as a tool preset and not a brush preset. :D


  13. Billy the kid!

    Billy was such a bully :P


  14. I’m now a member of GirlsDrawinGirls! Here is the drawing I did for their weekly theme, “Camping”. 

    You can see it on their blog here GirlsDrawinGirls Blog along with the art of the other talented ladies. 

    *some nudity on GirlsDrawinGirls*


  15. I drew a baby centaur this morning :D.

    I felt just like this while I was drawing -__- zzzzz