1. I forgot to upload this a while ago. A painting I did for Chris Oatley’s course, Painting Drama. Awesome class!! Definitely check out my fellow classmates work here! So many talented artists were in the class :D.


  2. I forgot to put my avatar up here for the Splendidly Evil PPG Zine! I drew myself, powerpuff girl style, with my bunny minions XD. There are soooo many awesome artists involved, it’s going to be amazing! :D


  3. Little sketch I did the other day :D. I’m hoping to get time to clean it up and paint this over the weekend ^_^


  4. Hey all!

    This is an illustration I did for a Kickstarter project called, “Where Is Home?” and my illustration will be on the cover if we get funded!

    There’s only a week left for the Kickstarter! Click Here for more info!

    Today is sorta my birthday, sooo….maybe consider supporting it? lol, thanks and lots of love! :D


  5. Princess Kakyuu for the Sailor Moon Collab on twitter :D


  6. Storm likes to play with her food :P


  7. splendidlyevil:

    What is it?

    Splendidly Evil is a zine dedicated to the zany and colourful villains in the Powerpuff Girls. It features 40 artists each with their own spin on the many villains in the series. It is organized byNneka MyersArielle JovellanosPablo LeonAbigail Dela CruzGeraldine RodriguezMallory Carlson, and Sara Talmadge, also known as the Sinister Seven.

    The zine cover art and design is by CM Ringor.

    All proceeds will go towards the production of the book and donated to charity supporting classroom literacy and projects via DonorsChoose.org

    When can I purchase a copy?

    The zine will be available for preorders beginning of October! We hope to start shipping the book shortly after~ Stay tuned for details!

    Are you still accepting art submissions?

    Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting submissions for the zine.

    How can I follow any updates about the zine?

    Just follow this blog! You can also check updates on twitter by following #PPGVillainsZine

    I’m pleased to announce a project I’m involved in organizing: Splendidly Evil. It’s going to be a published zine dedicated to the villains of the Powerpuff Girls! All proceeds will be donated to charity.

    The sheer talent of the 40 artists involved is staggering! I’m so excited ^_^. So, if you want updates, please follow Splendidly Evil on tumblr or the hashtag (#PPGVillainsZine) on twitter!


  8. Loopy from Life with Loopy!

    KaBlam was a great show.


  9. I did this for Sketch_dailies for the Harlequin theme a while ago. :D


  10. I was sketching my rabbit yesterday and got carried away. Bunnies <3


  11. "Lady of the Silver Seas"

    For something I’m working on ^_^


  12. I can’t wait for Game of Thrones tomorrow night.


  13. I forgot to post this here >_<. Something I painted a while ago for fun :D


  14. My version of Pele, the Volcano Goddess, for Sketch_Dailies.

    The tears of Pele T_T.


  15. This is the second painting I’ve done with these two characters. You can see the first one here

    This was way too much fun ^_^